Steaming Ahead : New Engineering Facility Takes Shape

Our National Lottery Heritage Funded Steaming Ahead project has been unfolding right before our eyes over the last few months with the building of the new engineering facility on our site.

Structural Steelwork Progresses 24/03/21

The engineering facility, when complete will be used to care for the steam locomotive collection and other rolling stock, using the space to train volunteers and apprentices from the local area.   There will also be a viewing gallery for visitors with interpretative material so they can see restoration of our historic collection in progress.

Photos below show the progress of the building works so far……..

(thanks to Sandy, Jim, John and Taylor for photos)

Site cleared before contractor arrives 16/12/20

Ground levelled in preparation for the foundations 22/01/21

Start of work on facility wall foundations 01/02/21

Concrete foundations for the walls 20/02/21

Reinforcing for the base of the walls 10/03/21

Completion of facility foundation 17/03/21

Work on the structural steelwork 23/03/21

The view from the dockside 23/03/21