Landslip Repairs Now Underway

It is really great to report that the landslip repair on our railway line just before Birkhill is underway.

It seems a very long time now since the evening of Tuesday 11th and the early hours of Wednesday 12th August, when much of Scotland was battered by severe thunderstorms and we suffered multiple landslips along approximately a mile-long stretch of the railway.

Thanks to the generous support shown by our members and visitors for our ‘Emergency Landslide Appeal’, we are able to work towards re-opening the railway again from Bo’ness to Manuel. Thank you again to you to all who contributed to the appeal.

As always, please remember that although our railway site is closed and we are not operating public trains for visitors, we need to run trains along our tracks for essential maintenance tasks and to access the area of the landslips. Stay safe and do not go on the train tracks.

Here are some photos of the progress

Credit: I Gent

Credit: I Anderson

Credit: I Anderson

Credit: I Anderson