Bo’ness footbridge: to return very soon!

In order to maintain the footbridge at Bo’ness, in February 2019 the Scottish Railway Preservation Society (SRPS) removed the structure for a thorough examination and repair by an external contractor. During inspection, it was identified that the works required to the footbridge were significantly more extensive than first anticipated. As a listed structure we were obliged to follow strict processes to appropriately restore the footbridge to its former glory.

Structural repairs to the footbridge are now complete. During November, a contractor will be working on site at Bo’ness to repaint the sections of the footbridge which did not require removal for refurbishment. It is hoped that the fully refurbished footbridge will be re-opened at the start of January at the latest.

UPDATE 11/02/2020 : Unfortunately the re-instatement of the bridge at Bo’ness has taken longer than anticipated and we apologise for any inconvenience. We are pleased however that the sections of the footbridge which remained at Bo’ness have now been repainted. A suitable date is being arranged for the main part of the footbridge to be reinstated at Bo’ness Station in time for the start of our running season which is Saturday 4 April.

We understand the ongoing inconvenience caused by bridge’s absence; please see below for alternative access to Bo’ness foreshore.